About this website

About this website

Postby Infinite » Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:57 pm

This website was made for your entertainment. Post as much as you want and reply to other posts or just enjoy the posts that are already there. This forum explores a variety of topics without bias.
The music video forum is for music videos of any and every genre and does not cater to just one particular style of music. The jokes thread has jokes from around the web, the lounge has some great content, and the reviews are great if you would like to read a move or game review. This is not a religious website. I am neither for or against religion. This website is made for your viewing pleasure, and although you may or may not agree with every single post, there is definitely something on this website that is great for everyone.

There are 8 themes to choose from in the user control panel at the top of the screen. Choose a theme you like, edit your profile and add an avatar. This forum is very customizable.

Anyways enjoy the forum, and post to your hearts content.
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