Websites everyone should know about

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Websites everyone should know about

Postby Infinite » Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:19 pm

Gain intelligence from the web about any subject - Read smarter. Be Smarter - Learn how stuff works

News - World wide news source - Online news with a variety of topics

Philosophy - Gain knowledge of the universe

Downloads - Download everything for free (Make sure to watch a tutorial before downloading anything) -All of the best free windows software, in one place - Best free torrent handler for downloading files to your computer

Best Free Multiplayer Games - 10 times better then the sims - Best rpg avialable within your browser (and its free) - Everyone should know about this game - Osu - A fun game to increase your clicking speed and accuracy via music. Large Variety of songs. Did i mention its free?

Video games - Gaming reviews and news -News, reviews, pictures and more

Music - Internet Radio with artist lyrics, bios and more - Build playlists - Hear the worlds sounds - Internet Radio - Sing a song into your mic. The internet will find the song for you

Free online TV - Streaming E-Sports 24/7 - Watch a variety of user streams or create your own - Broadcast yourself or your games with this software. has a lot of options and of course its free

Media Reviews - Tevevision and movie reviews - Keeping score of entertainment

Knowledge databases - Your international, free online dictionary - The only massive internet database. Search for anything at all, and only the facts for what you search for will come up. Not like Wiki. Check it out.

Find similar websites - If you like a website and you wanna find sites that are similar to that site, just go to similicious

Your new homepage - Customize the homepage of your internet browser

Image and art collections - Mass collection of art and photographs - Free quality images and more

Chat programs - For all of your chatting needs - Having millions of channels, this is the best free chat messenger for IRC - Video Chat
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