There are two kinds of people in the world

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There are two kinds of people in the world

Postby Infinite » Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:27 pm


There are two kinds of people in the world.

There are the ones who have to be "right", love to argue and "debate"...they arent happy unless they can complain about something. They make it their business to mind someone else's business. They believe that if everyone would just think like them, believe in what they believe, and generally be like them, all the world's troubles would just wink out of existence. These people dont believe in subleties or shades of's either right or wrong, black or white,
and no excuses...and whatever they believe is bad must be if they dont like a particular piece of music, it must be bad these people, "live and let live" is a cop out. They believe that the ends justify the means. They believe that a person has no worth other than what they produce.

...Then there's the rest of us, the ordinary shmucks who just want to be left alone to live life, and are willing to let the other guy do the same. We dont think we can cure all the worlds ills. We know enough to know that we dont know that much.
We dont always need to have perfect order in our lives, we know humans do a lot of things that dont make much sense...and we're cool with that. We're glad we dont all think and believe the same, because we are easily bored. We try to mind our own business, and dont take too much pleasure in other's misfortunes, and certainly wouldnt go out of our way to cause them. We dont believe that a man's job is what he is.

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