What is the meaning of life? (2 u)

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What is the meaning of life? (2 u)

Postby Infinite » Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:33 pm

What is the meaning of life? To live and to learn through experiences. To mature from these experiences? Death?

Here are some responses from a previous website... Whats your opinion?

Murpheys, Ca
The meaning of life, to me is doing what you know is right. Try your hardest not to regret, for while you lay on your death bed your last thoughts are going to be about things youve done in life and you're either going to be ready to see whats next and die happy knowing you did your best or you'll think of all the regrets you have and maybe even pull the plug on yourself cuz we all know the feeling of regret, none are perfect.

To live in faith that God has great plans for our life. That we were put here on earth at this time for a purpose. Our path is to live out the purpose laid before us - to follow after Christ and the rest will fall into place. To love. To have faith.

The sole purpose of life is to be part of a thinking "machine" with a sole purpose of determining the existence of God. Part of this existence is the drive to reproduce more minds into the thinking pool. There are only two root natural drives. One is to wonder where we came from and the other is to get our freak on. Everything we do in life is to support either cause, with the latter being almost all of our work.

There is no set meaning of life for humans. Humans are D.N.A.'s way of reproducing, we are the test subjects and the DNA gives us a controlled drug every time we reproduce. To argue that there is a 'meaning' of life is nonsense, to think that human beings have a purpose in such a vast universe is selfish, especially when nothing can be proven. To make this more clear, we can not ask about life because we are the caged animal inside a windowless building, and D.N.A. is the experimenter. Try to understand this.
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