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Mac or PC

Postby Infinite » Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:40 pm

Windows PCs provide lots of flexibility and customization (with both hardware and software)
Windows PCs offer support for cutting-edge hardware
Windows has more software available than any other platform
Windows offers great backwards-compatibility
Windows provides a great gaming experience thanks to great hardware support and lots of games
Windows offers better options for music production
Windows is the same platform most of the world uses

Macs offer a more straightforward approach to computing with fewer maintenance tasks
Macs have fewer viruses and security issues (with the caveats mentioned in the relevant section above, of course)19
Macs can provide a UNIX-like experience and also have commercial applications
Macs software, on average, focuses more on its user interface and making your experience enjoyable than Windows software does
Other Apple devices work best with Apple computers
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