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Postby Infinite » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:00 am

There are many different online video websites that provide free entertainment. Whether you like to watch live events, listen to music videos, watch movies, comedians or educational videos, there are many options to choose from. Here is a small directory of websites that offer video streaming for your enjoyment.

Live Streaming - This website exclusively streams video games from professionals.
If you want to get better at a game, or if you have some time to kill, then check out the 1000's of free live streams at - Watch live streams from all around the world, in a variety of categories.

VOD (Video On Demand) Variety - The mecca of online video websites - Similar to youtube. Has less videos and a different layout. Great for browsing.

Educational - HowStuffWorks provides videos that allow you to gain knowledge on just about any topic that you can imagine.

Comedy - This site is filled with videos made exclusively made by college students with many videos that are sure to amuse. This website has been revamped and is a great place to find some funny videos.

Movie / Television Series Streaming - Access more then 10,000 movies and television series. Watch all 7 Seasons of "24" or "Doctor Who", or the 400+ Episodes of Star Trek Available. Not your style? Then choose to watch a movie. All videos are seperated by category, and with a low cost monthly subscription, there is something to watch for everyone. Stream directly to your tv or your cell phone with a free app. - Similar to Netflix, except there are many shows that are free to watch without a subscription. Many free television series are available.
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